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Welcome to Moheet Al Jazirah Ltd. Based in London, we provide tailored real estate and property management services for individuals and corporate clients from around the world, who are looking to purchase property in London and the UK. As experts in the real estate market, we provide high-level assistance with maximising return on expenditure, by identifying commercial opportunities and advising on strategies to increase income, such as managing occupancy volume.

As experts in the UK property market and Middle Eastern culture, we provide a range of financial solutions that are shariah compliant. With years of experience in this niche of property management and real estate, Moheet Al Jazirah leads the way in understanding all compliance and legal issues that are connected with either entering or increasing your holding within the UK property market.

We are a company that you can trust; we pride ourselves on a hands-on, individualised approach that utilises our skill in keeping our finger on the button when it comes to the London market. We have an enviable record of spotting opportunities and maximising the potential of our customers' money. We are about success and we will help you succeed.


As one of the world's largest cities and the world's most in-demand in terms of property, London is a vast maze of many different property markets, that can be hard to break down and decipher. We have been based in London for many years, and have built up the contacts, experience and knowhow to ensure that we find you the right deal, in the right place, at the right time. Looks can be deceiving in a city so famed for its diversity, but we use data, not looks. We take a modern approach for a modern city, to identify trends, predictions and opportunities, and we move quickly to ensure that the best opportunities are secured for our clients.

It is crucial that you choose a company who is able to find you an excellent deal with great potential yield, with London having some of the world's highest property prices, and some of Europe's highest rents. The demand, however, is enormous. Get the right properties, and the income will follow, when you use our wealth of experience in the property market. That's our customer guarantee.

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We aren't a large, faceless organisation that will pass you around from agent to agent. We take a personalised approach with all our customers. Our specialist client focus means we deal with customers with specific needs, from the Middle East, who are often high net worth. We understand the importance of a face-to-face, tailored relationship when it comes to larger, important purchases that are often taking place within an international context and we have what it takes to make it work.


There is no substitute for knowledge. We dedicate the largest amount of our time to research, data analysis and keeping up to date with regulations, trends, new developments and potential availabilities for property purchase in London.


We are judged by our results and this is what we strive towards with every client. We believe that our combination of knowledge, understanding, service, and cultural familiarity, gives us the best chance of securing the results that our customers desire.

 About Us
Moheet Al Jazirah has been running high-quality property management, sales and rental services for landlords and prospective purchasers for 10 years. We have worked with clients from all over the world and have an in-depth understanding of regulatory and administrative issues related to property purchasing in England from an international base.
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Moheet Al Jazirah Ltd. has developed some outstanding, ongoing business relationships during its operation. We are proud of what our valued customers say about our services, below are some of our recent testimonials.

Telling the story of a business is critical for its success!! I was really surprised at how  Mohammed was able to source us a property which matched our requirements to the mark.
Thank you Abdullah!
To Hassan & staff, I can't thank you enough for all the help during the period of stay in summer. Was all settled with best customer service. Would not hesitate in using your firm again for any real estate services.
Thank you Omar!
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Real estate development or property development is our comprehensive service, encompassing activities that range from the renovation and re-lease of existing buildings to the purchase of raw land and the sale of improved land.

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